Prof. Dr. Philipp Lang

Since 2014, Philipp Lang has been Full Professor and Director of the Department of Molecular Medicine II at the University of Dusseldorf with a focus on immune responses triggered by viral infections , tissue damage and cancer. Prior, he worked as a principal investigator together with Prof. Dr. Dieter Häussinger on the immune response during viral hepatitis at the Department of Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Infectious Diseases. Philipp concluded medical school at the University of Tubingen. After his studies and medical thesis, Philipp worked with Nobel Prize Laureate Prof. Dr. Rolf Zinkernagel in Zurich as well as Prof. Dr. Pamela Ohashi and Prof. Dr. Tak Mak in Toronto on immune functions during viral and bacterial infections and graduated with a PhD from the University of Toronto in the Department of Immunology.

For his scientific work, Philipp received the Award of the medical faculty of the University of Tubingen, the Du Bois Reymond Award of the German Physiology Society as well as the Sofja-Kovalevskaja Award of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Philipp has published over 130 papers.

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